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The Universe: The Complete Season Two is available on a set of 5 DVDs (Steelbook) or Blu-ray disks with a total run time of 846 minutes.

The Universe Season 2 has 18 episodes (about 44 minutes each). It includes discussions on fascinating topics such as colonizing space, building a space elevator to an artificial satellite revolving around the Earth at a distance of 60,000 miles from it, effect of Moon on human and animal behavior, how life could evolve on planets vastly different than the Earth, if the Universe will ultimately collapse and disappear into a "cosmic ice age", etc.

The Universe Season 2 - A Video Snippet

A snippet of the Unexplained Mysteries episode of Universe Season 2

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The Universe Season 2 - A Summary of its Episodes
Episode Name Episode Summary
Alien Planets A look at some of the most interesting extra-solar planets that have been discovered, and how scientists find planets outside the Solar System.
Cosmic Holes A look at mysterious black holes, micro black holes, and the hypothetical white holes and wormholes.
Mysteries of The Moon Explanations of some strange mysteries of the Moon that have baffled astronomers for centuries e.g. transient lunar phenomenon, effect of the Moon on animal behavior, ocean tides, etc.
The Milky Way The wonders of the Milky Way; how stars die only to provide material for the birth of new stars; a look at the massive black hole that lies in the center of the Milky Way; how stars get thrown away from the center of the Milky Way towards its outer arms.
Alien Moons A look at moons like Lo, Europa, Triton, and Kuiper Belt objects.
Dark Matter and Dark Energy About 96% mass of the Universe is undetectable and is called, "Dark Matter". An unseen force that keeps expanding the Universe is called "Dark Energy". A look at this strange theory.
Astrobiology A look at search for life in outer space; how life could evolve on planets that are very different than Earth; what the ancient life forms of Earth tell us about life on other worlds.
Space Travel Innovative propositions about the future of space travel e.g. propulsion by solar sails and laser beams, use of antimatter as fuel, etc.
Supernovas Exploding stars that shine brighter than a 100 billion Suns. Stardust and the building blocks of planets and life.
Constellations How the ancient people used some of the 88 constellations visible from the surface of the Earth to navigate and explore the oceans.
Unexplained Mysteries Myths, misconceptions and facts about the Universe, ranging from Einstien's theories of relativity and time travel to life on Mars.
Cosmic Collisions Collisions of asteroids and comets with planets and the extinction of life forms due to such impacts. Effects of collision of stars and entire galaxies.
Colonizing Space How permanent human colonies will be established on the Moon and Mars. How Mars can be made more habitable by terraforming it. How food will be grown and waste recycled.
Nebulas Spectacular "art galleries of the galaxies" where new stars are born and old stars die.
Wildest Weather in the Cosmos Freakish weather phenomena in worlds within our Solar System, ranging from tornadoes having a wind-speed of over 6,000 miles per hour to rain made of molten iron!
Biggest Things in Space A look at some of the largest known objects in outer-space: Lyman-alpha blob, cosmic web, super-galaxies, super massive black holes, radio lobes, and the biggest void in space.
Gravity The role of gravity in the Universe, the effects of weightlessness on astronauts, simulation of weightlessness in "vomit comet" aircraft.
Cosmic Apocalypse How the Universe could vanish in the blink of an eye and nobody could do anything to prevent this doomsday -- "random quantum fluctuation", "cosmic ice age" and other apocalyptic theories explained.

The Universe Season 2 Sets of DVDs and Blu-ray Disks
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