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The Universe: The Complete Season Three is available on a set of 4 DVDs or 3 Blu-ray disks with a total run time of 564 minutes.

The Universe Season 3 has 12 episodes (about 44 minutes each). It contains some spectacular computer generated animations which provide a deep understanding of the complexities of the Universe. The topics discussed range from "Parallel Universes" to sex in outer-space.

The Universe Season 3 - A Video Snippet

A snippet of the Parallel Universes episode of Universe Season 3

Here is a summary of the contents of this set of Universe DVDs/Blu-ray disks: -

The Universe Season 3 - A Summary of its Episodes
Episode Name Episode Summary
Deep Space Disasters A look at space hazards faced by astronauts on their missions e.g. launch explosions, failed reentries, micrometeoroid hits, etc. Some other potential dangers such as solar flares, gamma-ray bursts, and encounters with black holes are also discussed.
Parallel Universes A look at some intriguing alternative realities and higher dimensions of existence. Amazing theories of multiverse and parallel dimensions. Particle collider experiments and the unbelievable notion that everything and everyone living on Earth might have an exact duplicate copy existing simultaneously somewhere else in a "Parallel Universe".
Light Speed According to Einstein, particles with a mass can't travel faster than the speed of light. This show explains what happens when something travels nearly as fast as the speed of light; and what would happen if something traveled faster than the speed of light. It also explains if it is possible to exceed the speed of light.
Sex in Space Experiments on human-sexuality in outer space, the complications that could arise for pregnancy and childbirth in micro-gravity, and its implications for colonization of other planets.
Alien Faces How the environment plays a role in the evolution of life; how living-things found in the oceans look different from living-things found on land, and what this could mean if life was found on alien worlds with alien environments.
Deadly Comets and Meteors The role of comets and meteors in the solar system and in the extinction of dinosaurs. Could the dust of comets infect the Earth with alien viruses?
Living in Space A look at different forms that human colonies could take in outer space. Could robots help our survival in outer space? How would we grow food and gather resources to sustain our colonies outside planet Earth?
Stopping Armageddon Everything that the scientists could possibly do to save the Earth from the impact of a deadly meteor heading toward it -- deflecting the huge meteor with laser beams, solar sails, nukes, rockets that could attach to it and divert it away from Earth, satellites acting as artificial gravity sources, etc.
Another Earth The techniques that scientists use to search exoplanets similar to our Earth; how candidate-stars are chosen for possible discovery of Earth-like planets revolving around them.
Strangest Things A look at some of the strangest things in the Universe: invisible dark-matter, strange stars, strange moons, exotic particles, intriguing black-holes, etc.
Edge of Space Outer-space as a tourist destination, a $20 million holiday trip to International Space Station, setting up hotels in space, preventing hazards such as space debris and exposure to cosmic radiation.
Cosmic Phenomena Charming aurora borealis, exotic meteor showers, the miracle of photosynthesis. How solar flare activity can jam electronics on Earth and also cause harm to life.

The Universe Season 3 Sets of DVDs and Blu-ray Disks
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The Universe Season 3 Set of Universe DVDs The Universe Season 3 Set of Blu-ray disks
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