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1.5 Universe DVDs - The Universe Season 5

The Universe: The Complete Season Five is available on a set of 2 DVDs or 2 Blu-ray disks with a total run time of 376 minutes.

The Universe Season 5 has 8 episodes (about 44 minutes each). It has dramatic CGI and interviews with expert cosmologists, astronomers and astrophysicists, which reveal the greatest secrets of the Universe.

The topics discussed range from 7 wonders of the Solar System, to scientific facts about time travel.

The Universe Season 5 - A Video Snippet

A snippet of the 7 Wonders of the Solar System episode of Universe Season 5

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The Universe Season 5 - A Summary of its Episodes
Episode Name Episode Summary
7 Wonders of the Solar System Most amazing things in the Solar System: Saturn's beautiful rings, the plumes of Enceladus, Olympus Mons volcano of Mars (the tallest mountain in the Solar System), The Great Red Spot of Jupiter, etc.
Mars, The New Evidence A new look at evidence which indicates that there might have been life present on Mars in the past and that there might still be some life present on Mars (such as bacteria). This evidence comes from the discovery of the remains of rivers and lakes, ice at the poles, and seasonal changes in methane gas on Mars.
Magnetic Storm Magnetic hurricanes more dangerous than 10,000 nukes produced by the Sun, which could cause communication breakdowns on Earth, because if such a magnetic storm from the Sun reaches near the Earth, the electronic gadgets will not function properly and electricity will also go off.
Time Travel Einstein's theory of relativity indicates that time travel is possible! A mind-blowing look at the consequences of traveling to the future or to the past, if one day time-travel indeed becomes a reality.
Secrets of the Space Probes Amazing discoveries that have been made by deep-space probes, and what they might find in the future.
Asteroid Attack How asteroids colliding with Earth can destroy civilizations. How asteroid impacts might have affected life in the past. Would it be possible to live on an asteroid?
Total Eclipse How the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon move to create lunar or solar eclipses. How scientists discover new planets (outside the Solar System) when those planets create a partial eclipse of their stars.
Dark Future of the Sun The Sun is supposed to run out of its fuel in about 5 billion years, but that is not all -- before all of its fuel is exhausted it will bloat into a huge red-giant and burn the Earth and all life on it (if life still exists at that time).

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The Universe Season 5 Set of Universe DVDs The Universe Season 5 Set of Blu-ray disks
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