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The Cosmos by Carl Sagan is a true classic. It was a television series broadcast by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1980. It became immensely popular and the most widely watched TV series in the history of American TV.

The Cosmos series by Carl Sagan is now available on a digitally remastered, restored, and enhanced box-set of 7 DVDs. Decades later it still remains fresh and profoundly thought provoking. It has won Emmy and Peabody awards, and an estimated 500 million people have watched it in more than 60 countries.

This set of Universe DVDs has a total run-time of 780 minutes. It is much more than guided tours of countless stars and galaxies. It is a timeless epic that asks big questions and Carl Sagan either offers big answers or asks even bigger questions -- intriguing questions that stimulate philosophical debates and make us ponder very deeply over our origin, our place in the Universe, our future potential, unity of humankind, and how "we are a way for the universe to know itself".

Here are the names of the episodes of the Cosmos: -
  • The Shores of the Cosmos
  • One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue
  • The Harmony of the Worlds
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Blues for a Red Planet
  • Travellers' Tales
  • The Backbone of Night
  • Travels in Space and Time
  • The Lives of the Stars
  • The Edge of Forever
  • The Persistence of Memory
  • Encyclopaedia Galactica
  • Who Speaks for Earth?

Each episode is of a duration of one hour.

Carl Sagan was an unusual genius who could explain the most difficult scientific concepts in easy, interesting, and innovative ways. Even a lay-man could understand what Carl Sagan had to say. In his videos, Carl Sagan makes laws of physics entertaining!

In this box set of Universe DVDs he takes us on a mesmerizing journey through time and space, describing the amazing wonders of our Universe in the most interesting manner. This journey educates, entertains, inspires, intrigues, uplifts, and creates a zest for astronomy and for being alive in this marvelous Universe. In short, it is an immensely thought provoking masterpiece which can change the way we view our world, our Universe and our place in it.

Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Video Snippet 1

Discover what is so magical about the speed of light: -

Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Video Snippet 2

Strange things that would happen if we could travel near the speed of light: -

Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Video Snippet 3

Carl Sagan explains the Unimaginable -- The 4th Dimension: -

Carl Sagan's Cosmos is a must-have for an astronomy enthusiast.

P.S. Special Features: -
  • The DVDs are digitally remastered, restored and enhanced
  • Contains Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan updates
  • Contains subtitled science updates
  • Contains new footage
  • Contains bonus 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound music and effects track

The Cosmos by Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan's Cosmos (DVD Set)
The Cosmos by Carl Sagan
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