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The Universe: The Complete Season Four is available on a set of 4 DVDs or 3 Blu-ray disks with a total run time of 564 minutes.

The Universe Season 4 has 12 episodes (about 44 minutes each). It has stunning HD graphics and highly advanced computer generated images and animations that shed light on mind-blowing wonders of the Universe.

The topics discussed range from the bizarre and catastrophic events that would occur on Earth if the Moon were to disappear, to the use of artificial satellites and advanced weapons for space warfare.

The Universe Season 4 - A Video Snippet

A snippet of the Star Wars episode of Universe Season 4

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The Universe Season 4 - A Summary of its Episodes
Episode Name Episode Summary
Death Stars Stars that could wipe out all life trillions of miles away from them! WR104 Wolf-Rayet star could point a destructive gamma-ray burst at Earth. A Death Star Galaxy such as 3C 321 could be destructive for the entire Milky Way galaxy. Other stars and star-systems that could spell disaster for the Earth are Betelgeuse and Eta Carinae.
The Day the Moon Was Gone Strange things that would happen if the Moon wasn't there; e.g. we would have just four hours of sunlight, wild hurricanes with wind speeds reaching 100 miles per hour would hit the Earth, there would be drastic climate changes, pitch-black nights, and end of human and complex forms of life on Earth!
It Fell From Space Bizarre things that have fallen from outer space to Earth. These include man-made rocket parts and natural rocks from outer-space and that have crashed in residential areas.
Biggest Blasts Some of the biggest known blasts ranging from mighty supernova explosions, to the Big Bang, to the immensely powerful bolide impact in Mexico that is thought to have been millions of times more powerful than the atom bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- its impact was so deadly that it is thought to be the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs.
The Hunt for Ringed Planets The secrets of the fabulous rings of Saturn and other planets such as Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. Spectacular visuals of the rings of Saturn that contain ice-boulders moving as fast as 53,000 Miles per hour! A look at the man-made ring of Earth -- the "ring" consisting of over 200 man-made satellites that keep revolving around the Earth.
10 Ways to Destroy the Earth Top 10 things that could destroy the Earth. Includes strange things such as annihilation with antimatter, getting trapped forever into a micro black hole, getting pushed toward the Sun, losing gravity, etc.
The Search for Cosmic Clusters Interesting facts about Star Clusters and how stars are formed within them; the difference between Open Clusters and Globular Clusters.
Space Wars How the military could use satellites to fire missiles from space to the Earth. How such weapons would work, how powerful they would be, and how we would defend ourselves from such weapons made by an enemy country. How ground based lasers could be used to destroy military satellites, and how one satellite could be used to attack another enemy satellite.
Liquid Universe Some of the strangest places in the solar system -- from oceans of liquid methane, to planet cores of liquid metallic hydrogen, to places where the rain drops are made of liquid iron!
Pulsars & Quasars Pulsars emit "blinking" beams of electromagnetic radiation. The emissions follow such a regular pattern that the scientists initially thought them to be beacons from extraterrestrial civilizations. Quasars or quasi-stellar radio sources might be the oldest things in the Universe; prior to 1960 the quasars puzzled astronomers because they could not see them even-though radio telescopes could detect them as sources of radio waves.
Science Fiction, Science Fact Breaking the light speed barrier, teleportation, anti-gravity -- why the scientists have started to take a serious look at these topics which used to be limited in scope to science-fiction.
Extreme Energy How the law of conservation of energy maintains a perfect balance in the energy of the Universe in spite of extreme nuclear reactions of the stars, bizarre activity of black holes, etc.
[Bonus featurettes] This set of universe DVDs/Blu-rays contains additional never-aired segments titled, "Meteors, Fire in the Sky", and "Comets, Prophets of Doom" as bonus featurettes.

The Universe Season 4 Sets of DVDs and Blu-ray Disks
Season 4 Set of Universe DVDs Season 4 Set of Blu-ray Disks
The Universe Season 4 Set of Universe DVDs The Universe Season 4 Set of Blu-ray disks
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